Process Groups

Available on demand via video only

Process groups are scheduled several weeks in advance and fill out very quickly. To give everyone a chance to participate in the time allotted, attendance is limited to 1 to 5 (one to five) individuals per session. Sessions are repeated as frequently as there is a need, so if you cannot attend or miss one process group, there will soon be another. Please note that groups are open only to Dr. Z’s current or former clients, are confidential in nature, not publicly available, and last approximately 45 minutes each time. To ensure privacy, group sessions are not recorded by Dr. Z and recording by attendees is strictly prohibited. Attendance requires each participant to sign a confidentiality and privacy pledge. To regulate participation, the attendance fee is $49 per attendee per session, and payment is expected by credit card prior to each session. Available from age 21 and up.


All process group sessions occur on Fridays at 8:00 a.m. Eastern, generally every other Friday. Look for an announcement about a group being scheduled on Dr. Z’s website. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the appointment request form here, and make sure to identify the group you would like to attend.


race & race relations

Social Media in all their forms (websites, blogs, phone apps, etc.) are an incredibly powerful and invasive presence in our lives. Join Dr. Z as we discuss important questions relating to our involment with social media, their benefits and drawbacks, their influence on our children and family members, the arrival on the scene of artificial intelligence (AI), and more.

Races in America are unique in their composition and in how they came to inhabit the North American continent. Join Dr. Z as we discuss the implications of living together, seeking harmony, managing conflict, problem solving, and other aspects of human nature that may play a role in how we behave toward each other.



What is truth? Is truth the same as ethics and morality? These are very important questions that need a clearer answer. Join Dr. Z as we discuss situations ethics and try to draw a clear distinction between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, and other moral dilemmas that are influencing our society and our families.

Is science always right? This is not an idle question, given the many challenges to scientific knowledge that are cropping up in immunology, biology, genetics, climatology, and many others. Join Dr. Z as we discuss the role of science in our lives, in our emotional, physical, and spiritual life, and how science can make a real diference in how we conduct ourselves in society.

Need to discuss a different topic?

I am open to considering additional topics for my process groups. If you have an issue you’d like to discuss with the group, please email me your suggestion at