Individual Counseling Services

If your functioning is lower and your distress is higher and if things aren’t getting any better or are getting worse, we might need to talk about your most important relationships, or lack thereof. We might need to discuss your attachment style, which you have acquired in childhood, and help you figure out how those early experiences in your family of origin may be still affecting you to this day. We might need to talk about how you’re coping with your current challenges and if you’re relying too much on alcohol or other chemicals to make yourself feel better, if you have uncontrollable bursts of anger, or if you’re making bad decisions or no decisions at all. We might need to figure out whether there is a discrepancy between your IQ (intelligence quotient) and your EQ (emotional intelligence) and what we can do to help you better manage your emotions, in a way that they won’t trip you up and get out of control. We could also talk about your guilt (a negative feeling about something you may have done) or your shame (a negative feeling about who you are) or both, as these two emotions can wreak havoc in anyone’s life. This may stem from a phase of life crisis you may be experiencing. If you are in agreement, we can also talk about your spirituality and how it is helping you or how it could help you deal with life’s challenges with serenity and acceptance, while taking the steps toward self-improvement that are well within your area of responsibility. If it is your career, or lack thereof, that is troubling you at this time, we can talk about that and see if we can work on a better strategy for career growth or career change. Or we might focus on specific issues, which may be as unique as you are.