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Armed Forces Veterans Therapy Group

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Open to current and former members of any branch of the services. For Georgia residents only.

Law Enforcement Therapy Group

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Open to current and former members of any US law enforcement agency (local, state, federal) operating in the State of Georgia.

Trauma Recovery Therapy Group

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Open to survivors of traumatic events such as assault, rape, robbery, sudden loss of a major relationship, major financial reversal. Prerequisites: a PCL-5 PTSD assessment (download it here).

If you are unsure of your eligibility to participate in a therapy group, please contact Dz. Z’s office at (678) 554-5632, prior to submitting your registration.

Support Groups

Dystonia/Blepharospasm Support Group

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Open to diagnosed or undiagnosed blepharospasm patients and their family members. Group participation is free of charge. This support group meets approximately once per month and meeting dates are announced in advance to all participants by email. Prerequisites: none.

Group Therapy Guidelines

In accordance with Dr. Z’s mission of providing high quality care, group therapy services are available to Dr. Z’s therapy clients who meet the criteria for each group. All groups are conducted personally by Dr. Z and can include non-clients, such as family members. All attendees need pre-approval by Dr. Z and must fill out all intake paperwork prior to joining the group.

Group Therapy Services offered by Dr. Z are:
– Protocol-driven, evidence-based group therapies for trauma-related difficulties or common PTSD comorbidities (e.g., CBT-I, CPT, DBT, MBSR, PCT, Seeking Safety).
– Group therapies that are similar to the above approaches but may not fall within a certain protocol (e.g., anger management, relationship skills, alcohol or substance use).
– Protected by Confidentiality and Legal Privilege, with each attendee required to sign an Informed Consent which includes a non-disclosure clause.

Group Length, Size, Rates, and Location
– There is a variable number of sessions for a group, and each group has an identified start and end date.
– Average length of a group is eight sessions.
– Group therapy sessions are 60-90 minutes in length.
– Group therapy sessions do not exceed 12 clients per group.
– The group participation fee is a flat rate of $25 per client, per session.
– Individuals sponsored by their organization (e.g., HeadStrong, Police, Sheriff’s Dept.) attend free of charge.
– Payment is by credit card.
– No-shows/late cancellations are charged to the credit card on file.
– All sessions are conducted online via Dr. Z’s confidential platform, AnyMeeting. In-person groups are not available at this time.

Registration and Onboarding
– To register for a group, please use this link.
– Dr. Z will respond within 3 business days regarding approval.

Documentation and Assessment
Given the time-limited nature of group therapy, Dr. Z requests an outcome measure at baseline/onset and completion of group therapy. Possible assessment tools include the PHQ-9 (for depression), PCL-5 (for PTSD), GAD-7 (for general anxiety) and the ISI (for sleep difficulties/insomnia). Other tools may be used, if needed, based on group topic/content.