A baker’s dozen

In my practice of counseling and psychotherapy, I keep in mind that my clients and patients are looking for competence, empathy, and genuineness. The right emphases matter.

  • Treatments

    Emphasis on clinically sound and results-oriented treatments

  • Integrations

    Emphasis on the spiritual integration of one’s faith

  • Human Nature

    Emphasis on biological and scientific realities about human nature

  • Interpersonal Relations

    Emphasis on balanced views of interpersonal relations

  • Truths

    Emphasis on the permanence of moral and ethical truths

  • Continuity

    Emphasis and respect for custom, convention, and continuity

  • Wisdom

    Emphasis on the prescriptive wisdom of the human race, which is far greater than any individual ephemeral, petty, and personal rationality

  • Freedom of Choice

    Emphasis on freedom of thought, of expression, of beliefs, as distinguished from the narrowing uniformity and deadening egalitarianism of rigid systems

  • Acceptance

    Emphasis on imperfectibility of human nature, whereby no perfect social order ever can be created or maintained

  • Hope

    Emphasis in the redemptive power of faith, and on the healing power of therapy, whereby therapists can instill hope, stimulate change, and support growth in all clients

  • Restraint

    Emphasis on the need for prudent restraints upon power and upon human passions, rejecting the license to do as one likes, and promoting the respect for life at all stages, from the embryonic to the last moment

  • Temperance

    Emphasis on reasoned and temperate progress, whereby everything new is not necessarily superior to everything old

  • A Life’s Motto

    Aim High, Play It Honest, Be Yourself, Have Some Fun