Dr. Z's behavioral management consulting services

Dr. Z's consulting helps your company's top level executives, board members, and major stakeholders engineer growth, assess what is working in your organization, identify and address what may need improvement or change, and provide you with the practical tools to fix what can be fixed and manage what must be managed. Only better.

problem: team cohesion

Entrepreneurs may be born, but often they're just made by life and circumstances. The good ones learn from their mistakes, pick themselves up by the bootstraps and make it happen. It usually takes a pretty strong ego to be a success. One of the most common problems a successful leader can run into is poor team cohesion among partners, managers, and employees. It is not easy to get along, motivate, be consistent, be fair and equitable, and yet drive hard toward success. If this sounds familiar, get in touch and let's talk about your situation.

problem: slow or no growth

When growth stalls and high performance leaders must change their ego-centric leadership skills to people- and market-oriented skills, behavioral management consulting can help them become more aware of the impact that their behavior can have on others and on the success of their enterprise. Starting by a situation of stall, i.e., what IS, my behavioral management consulting can help you reach what MUST BE. Get in touch and let's talk about your company! What if my help can make a positive difference in your business growth?

problem: ineffective strategies

Some leaders have vision and are strategic thinkers, some are more comfortable with implementing a strategy, and some others are masters at tactical interventions. There is nothing wrong in being one type or the other. The secret to success is to know which type you are and hire outside help or surround yourself with people who have the skills you have not fully developed in yourself. Ineffective strategies can sink a business or make it linger in a semi-vegetative state that barely makes a profit. My motto for many years and has been and still is: Aim High, Play It Straight, Make a Profit, Make It Fun! The Aim High part is purely strategic: let me show you how it can and will benefit your business, too!

problem: frequent people issues

Everyone who's ever owned or run a business knows that people issues are the most difficult issues. Everything else is easier to fix or manage. People issues happen at all levels, from the very top to the very bottom of the organization. People that work for your company, including your own closest team members, have personal lives and public lives that sometimes are in conflict with each other. Most people have no choice but to bring their personal problems to work, and vice versa. All this makes it imperative that the company be proactive in addressing people issues before they fester and get worse. Most small businesses have a bare-bones HR department or none at all. The advisory board can help smooth out the process and help you find solutions.