Anxiety Disorders

We are programmed for survival and to respond to potential dangers on every level, physical, psychological and emotional. When our threat-detection mechanisms misfire we can become hypervigilant, always alert for real or perceived dangers, and respond exaggeratedly.  Anxiety and stress arise from a perception that our resources are inadequate to meet the challenges we may face, and inadequate to face their consequences.  This may or may not be the case, however to the anxious or stressed individual there is no logic that can effectively counter this dysfunctional way of thinking. Psychotherapy, and more specifically CBT has been proven very effective in treating anxiety disorders that stem from a a maladaptive way of perceiving and managing life’s challenges.  The treatment also includes mindfulness and diaphragmatic breathing training, and relaxation techniques. In the most severe cases, a medical referral may be necessary, as well as the application of EMDR.

The anxiety disorders

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

Separation anxiety disorder (children and adults)

Social anxiety disorder (social phobia)

Panic disorder, with or without panic attacks

Selective mutism (in children)

Specific phobia: illness (hypochondria), animal, natural environment

Blood-injection-injury: fear of blood, fear of injections and transfusions, fear of other medical care, fear of injury

Situational: agoraphobia (open spaces, enclosed spaces, crowds), acrophobia (heights)

Substance/medication-induced anxiety disorder (provoked by illicit drugs or alcohol)

The OCD disorders

Obsessive compulsive fisorder (OCD)

Body dysmorphic disorder (children and adults)

Hair-pulling (tricotillomania)

Skin-picking disorder

Compulsive nail biting

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