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I specialize in behavioral consulting with Christian-owned businesses and family-owned businesses on personnel and behavioral issues directed toward promoting, improving and maximizing the efficiency, productivity and success of the business; on providing personal support, advice, and coaching directed toward enhancing quality of life; on succession planning and execution, as may be required to support growth plans and strategies; on structural and people planning and issues directed toward promoting growth in the business and toward addressing any management concerns that may impede such growth; and on people management best practices, analysis of key manager and officer performances, employee incentive and motivation programs, as may be required to support growth plans and strategies.

Consulting services

Christian-Owned Enterprises and Faith-Based Organizations
In Christian-owned businesses and faith-based organizations it is not unusual to feel that there is a disconnect between the pressures of the business environment and our Christian faith. It is also rather common to sense a ‘shift’ in focus and behavior on Mondays that doesn’t quite coincide with Sunday. Many Christian businessmen and women seek a truly objective, talented and trustworthy adviser who fully understand the unique challenges of their enterprise or faith-based organization. My behavioral consulting services, just like your organization, strive to serve the Lord as His ambassador in a unique mission field, faithfully reflecting the gifts and opportunities He has provided, while seeking eternal significance and fruitfulness.

Family-owned Businesses
There are more than a few challenges that face the owners of a family business.
The first is emotions: family problems will affect the business, and health or financial problems also will create difficult political situations for the family members.
The second is informality: the absence of clear policies and business norms for family members can create misunderstandings.
The third is tunnel vision: the lack of outside opinions and diversity on how to operate the business may limit the ability of the business to grow and prosper.
Often, there is the lack of a clear business strategy: no documented plan or long term planning may exist within the company.
Yet another is a compensation problem for family members: how are dividends, salaries, benefits and compensation for non-participating family members to be clearly defined and justified?
The granddaddy of all family-owned businesses problems is succession planning: most family organizations do not have a plan for handing the power to the next generation, leading to great political conflicts and divisions. 

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Why should you employ me for your consulting needs?
By drawing upon my extensive and successful business experience in large and small privately-held and publicly traded enterprises and on my PhD-level training in psychology, I can offer to my consulting clients all the benefits of a well-informed, evidence-based insight into their family-owned business challenges and situations. My consulting solutions center around the individuals who lead and staff the company, by seeking to address the impact of its human capital on the processes, strategies and structures that propel sales and revenue. Often, “People problems are all the problems” a company will have and my extensive training in the psychology of the work environment may be exactly what it takes to analyze, identify and remove the barriers to enterprise growth and to its greater success.

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